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How To Find The Domain Age Of A Website


Domain Age is an online tool that can help you find the age of a website.


What is a website’s Domain Age?


Domain age is the length of time a website has been registered with a domain registrar.


Domain age is important for several reasons. It can help you identify inactive websites, estimate website traffic, and determine if a website is still being updated.

The domain age of a website can be found by using the WHOIS database.


How can you find the Domain Age of a website?


One way to find the Domain Age of a website is to use the "whois" command in a web browser.

For example, if you type whois into your web browser, you will see the following output:


Domain Name:




Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 146


Name Server: NS1.GODADDY.COM


Name Server: NS2.GODADDY.COM


DNSSEC: unsigned


How would you know the age of a website if it doesn’t have a date?


If a website doesn’t have a date, there are some methods you can use to approximate the age of the website.

First, you can look at the domain name. If the domain name was registered on or after January 1, 2007, the website is considered new.

If the domain name was registered before January 1, 2007, then you can use Google search data to estimate the age of the website. Google Trends is a tool that helps you measure how often a particular term is searched for on Google over a period of time.

If you want to get an even more detailed idea of how old a website is, you can use Web Server Logs to look for any activity that occurred on the website between certain dates.


What are the benefits of an older domain name?


An older domain name is a great advantage because it can provide you with better branding opportunities and a more established identity. Older domain names are also more likely to be available, making them an appealing option for businesses that are looking to expand their reach. Additionally, older domain names tend to be more expensive than newer ones, so they may be a better choice for businesses that need to invest in quality branding tools.


When can I start using my Domain Age to my advantage?


Domain age is one of the most important factors you can use when evaluating a website. A recent domain age generally indicates that the website was most likely created in the last six months and is probably updated more frequently. However, this isn't always the case. Older domains may have been registered years ago and may not be updated as often.


If you're looking to buy a website ordomain, it's important to understand how domain age affects your purchase decision. Here are three tips to help you determine if a website is recent or old:


1) Check the WHOIS information. This will show you the domain name's registration date and the registrant's contact information.


2) Look for recent blog posts or updates on the website. If there are no recent posts, then the website might be outdated.


3) Check out the website's Google PageRank score and Alexa traffic rank. A high PageRank score (or PageSpeed Score) indicates that the website has been well-optimized for search engines, while a high Alexa traffic rank shows that people are visiting the website frequently.




Thank you for reading the article on how to find the domain age of a website. This article is designed to help those who want to know how to calculate the age of a website. In general, the domain age of a website can be determined by using one of the following methods:


1. Using Google Search Console: This method is often used by website owners and developers to measure the age of their websites. To use this method, you first need to login to your Google Search Console account and navigate to the "Web & App results" section. From here, you can see which domains are associated with your website (by clicking on the "Domain Names" tab). You can also use this information to determine how long ago your website was registered (by clicking on the "Date registered" column).


2. Using an Age Calculator: There are many free online age calculators available online. To find one, simply search for "age calculator" or "Internet age calculator." Once you have found an online age calculator, enter the name of your website in the text box and click on the "Calculate" button.