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What Does Broken Links Finder Do?


Broken Links Finder, by 404 Error Page, is a tool that helps webmasters find broken links within their own websites. It's a free SEO service that helps you keep your website clean and current.


What is Broken Links Finder?


Broken links detection is a popular SEO technique used by webmasters to identify and report broken links on their website. Broken links are links that no longer work or are no longer pointing to the correct page.

Broken links can be the result of a mistake made by the webmaster or they can be due to content changes made by an external source, such as a blog post being pulled or amended.

Broken link detection is a crucial step in maintaining online visibility and rankings. By alerting the webmaster to any broken links, Broken Links Finder can help ensure that the site remains search engine friendly.


Why you should use Brlink Finder


Broken links are frustrating, and they can stop people from clicking through to your website. That’s why it’s important to use a tool like Brlink Finder to find and fix them as soon as possible.


Brlink Finder is a desktop utility that looks for broken links on your website. It checks the URLs of all the pages on your site, and it can tell you which pages are missing or have been moved.


If you find any broken links on your website, it’s important to fix them as soon as possible. Broken links can lead people to a page that doesn’t exist, or to an error page. If that happens, you lose traffic and potential customers.


So make sure to use Brlink Finder to find and fix any broken links on your website. It’s easy to use, and it will help you keep your site running smoothly.


How to use Brlink Finder


If you're ever faced with the frustrating task of trying to fix broken links on your blog, Brlink Finder is the tool for you. This handy application allows you to quickly and easily identify any broken links on your blog, and then take the necessary steps to repair them.


To use Brlink Finder, first open it up and click on the "Start" button. Once the program is launched, you'll be presented with a screen that looks like this:


On this screen, you'll first need to enter your blog's URL. After doing so, Brlink Finder will begin scanning your blog for broken links. To help speed up the process, Brlink Finder can automatically detect broken links by using Google's link analysis algorithm.


Once Brlink Finder has completed its scan, you'll be able to see a list of all the broken links on your blog. To repair any of these links, just click on the link that needs to be fixed and then follow the instructions that appear onscreen.


Overall, Brlink Finder is a great tool for anyone who wants to quickly and easily fix any broken links on their blog. Thanks for reading!




Broken links Finder is a great tool to use to identify broken links within your website. It can help you find and fix these links quickly and easily.